Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jason Bourne is my hero.

UGH! Let me tell you, yesterday was a DAY! Of course having raging PMS did not help. (I’m sorry, if you a guy and your reading this you might want to just stop now because none of it will make any sense to you)

There were all these people around me…all day…and they had, you know, needs, and voices, saying things that started with “Mommy can I…?” and “Honey, could you please…? and I thought my head was going to explode.

So I did what I had to do to survive the day, put the girls to bed early and let the boys watch more Myth Busters, because as you know it’s been playing on a continues loop in my house for a while now, and I went upstairs and SHUT THE DOOR!

My husband was working late last night on a very important shut-down, or turn-off or something, I think it was manufactured because he could see the writing on the wall and he is not a dumb guy. But back to me, I went upstairs and ate pizza and drank Coke Zero (even though I’d already had some and it was after the 4pm caffeine shut-off time) and then I ate Hagan Das ice cream. While I was doing this, I was watching all the Jason Bourne movies in preparation for the next one coming out in late July early August.

Usually, I like a good sappy chick flick, but when I have PMS nothing makes me feel better than seeing Jason Bourne beat people up and get the girl, of course they kill off the girl in the 2nd movie which SO does not happen in the books, but who reads anymore, I guess.

Okay, I seem to be rambling just a bit here. I think I need to go back upstairs and watch some more Beat ‘em up movies, then I’ll feel better. Is it exactly one month till the next Jason Bourne movie? Hummm, excellent timing.


Lisa said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bourne movies too! My guys (hubby and 2 older sons) got me "into" them although I'm more along the lines of "Pride and Prejudice" normally. :)We are counting down to the newest movie and it will be the 1st movie we have seen in a movie theatre in many,many years!

nsremom said...

I couldn't believe how much I liked those movies. I don't even care for him usually. He's just, okay. but he's terrific in that role!

I just nodded along with you as you described your day. Yep, that's what happens sometimes. People get on my nerves and i need something sweet to eat and something to numb my noggin. :)

(last night it was a chocolate muffin from Costco)

Jenny in Ca said...

I liked the first one alot, but it got a little too down for me after that. I am a romantic comedy and classics kind of girl, but there are a few action movies I like..I'm kind of interested in the new die hard movie coming out. Wondering how many more he can do?...he's getting kind of old!