Friday, June 1, 2007

Thank You!

I have to admit that Memorial Day went buy in a flurry of activity (actually, truth be told, a flurry of mosquitoes!)

We were camping and barbecuing and horseshoeing and just generally having fun and being a family. I did not really take time to think about what that day is about.

My SIL sent me this video and it really touched my heart.

Wow. How do you say thank you for this kind of sacrifice?

How do you say thank you to that little boy for being away from his Daddy so I can enjoy my freedom?

God Bless all the soldiers like this man who are giving up their freedom's so I can keep mine.

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nsremom said...

I remember that little boy. It was in my state and I got the pleasure of seeing it several times and WOW, made me tear up every time.