Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I found something while I was at Wal-Mart yesterday. I just have to share. First a little background…I have no drinking glasses. There I said it. Martha Stewart is doubling over in pain right now.

My boys have been doing the dishes for years, and the girls are learning now. While this is great because I haven’t done the dishes in years, it has been a little hard on the dishes. When they started we had lots of pretty matching glasses and some nice big chunky green clay plates. I know, typed out like that it sounds really ugly, but trust me they were nice, impractical, but nice.

Through the years the glasses kept breaking and the plates kept chipping. I replaced the glasses with cheap ones from Wal-Mart but those seemed to spontaneously shatter upon entrance to my house. And the plates kept on chipping. Rarely did they break altogether; they just chipped…a lot.

Finally, a year ago I bought new plates. I was so excited. I was also a little worried that I was so excited about the very Correlle that my mother had, that I swore as a teen I’d never, ever own. I do have to say here that her Correlle was ugly. Mine is cute. No matter what she says, it has nothing to do with the time. Hers were and always will be ugly, while mine are and always will be, cute. Just FYI!

Okay, back to the glasses. I finally gave up. We went to cups. I bought a huge assortment of plastic cups in all sorts of summery colors, like; royal blue, puke green and Pepto Bismol Pink. Appetizing, right? Well these cups did not break; they seemed to have grown legs and walked away. Seriously, we were down to about 3 cups. Only 3 of us could drink at a time without having to break out the plastic disposable cups. How sad is that?

Back to my find at Wal-Mart…

See those pretty, chunky glasses with the enticing green ring? THEY ARE NOT GLASS!!! They are acrylic or plastic, or something. But not glass. I am so very excited about these glasses (yes I’m calling them glasses even though they are not glass because they’re to pretty to be cups!)

See how nicely they match my timelessly beautiful Correlle?

So here is a shot at my kitchen table, all set and ready to go. Martha I am not, but it‘s not bad if I do say so myself!

Lest you think I am completely hopeless in the homemaking department. That dark spot you see on one of the chairs is not actually a stain, it is from Gunnar sitting there in his swim shorts, (no matter how many times I tell him...)


Halfmoon Girl said...

Funny you should mention chipped dishes- mine are in rough shape from my kids unloading the dishwasher and from being stored in a dresser in our kitchen until we get kitchen cupboards. The thing is, if I buy new ones, they will end up the same way!

nsremom said...

The 'timeless' Corelle looked....well, timeless. Just like my grandma's Corelle. :)

Jenny in Ca said...

oohh, I like the glasses!! I have chipped dishes too, and they are pretty new too, about a year old- and the first, nice, matching set of dishes I have had in 14 years of marriage. They are these pretty, yellow dishes from pottery barn..and they keep chipping!! driving me crazy. My mother in law, who has 7 children, always had plain white corelle dishes. I always thought it was because she likes boring white..and that they would always match. -practical..um, I think I just figured out from your post, it's because they don't chip or break, isn't it? Yeah, baby...I'm heading that way, me-thinks!