Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today we’re going to continue the very important topic of TV. I’ve had some great news. When I heard it I squealed. Really, there was squealing.

Back in May, two of my favorite shows were canceled; Veronica Mars and Jericho. I was distraught. Whatever was I going to do with those two hours a week that I had been devoting to Veronica and the little town of Jericho Ks? (If you say, do more laundry like my husband did; well…just be glad I can’t hear you through the screen.)

So here is the news, prepare yourself…Jericho has been given another chance! YIPPEE, I am so glad to hear this. At the end of the first season, the town was in the midst of an all out battle for their survival with the neighboring town of New Burne. I could not believe they would just leave us hanging like that. Do they have no pity on us? Well apparently they do because they are giving it another shot. But, if more people don’t watch it this fall, it will be gone forever. If you've never seen it now is the time. Starting this summer, they'll rebroadcast the entire first season in preparation for the new shows in the fall

So, hear my plea people…WATCH JERICHO, Starting July 6th on Fridays at 9:00PM ET/PT, PLEASE PLEASE WATCH!

You’ll just have to overlook the fact that they have mountains off in the distance and anyone who knows her corn knows that there are no mountains in KS. There is barely a hill. So, while I love the show, and I am committed, let’s try for a bit more realism this time folks. Kansas is flat, with very few trees and absolutely NO mountains.

Wahoo, Toto, Jericho is not dead!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Where is the show filmed if not in Kansas. We actually have lots of movies/shows made here in Canada that are supposedly set in the US as it is cheaper ( our dollar is high right now though) than doing it in the States.

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore, but now that you have mentioned it, I will try Jericho if I happen to be flipping around.

Tricia said...

Jericho is filmed in California which is really funny because nothing resembles Kansas like Kansas, except...maybe Nebraska, or Ohio.

Okay, maybe I should have said nothing resembles the Great Planes like the Great Planes! :o)

Jill V. said...

Hi! I got here blog hopping:-) I TOO Love Jericho! They really try to cancel all of the Good shows. Did you watch Joan of Arcadia? Loved that one...they cancelled it of course! I didn't even kow that they had cancelled Jericho until I read online about all of the Not so happy people! I am gonna say WOOHOOOOOOO!!