Saturday, June 23, 2007

Holy Schmoly!

The boy has to have his jaw wired shut!

He does not have a brain injury.

The artery running under his jaw is intact.

He does indeed have a brain in his head, I saw it myself on the computer image of the CAT scan.

We did not have to be transferred to a bigger hospital via ambulance, at great cost, because the specialist in our little hospital finally called in.

He must be on a strict liquid diet all weekend.

He will have his jaw wired shut on Monday.



nsremom said...

I sure hope he's not a skinny thing. Seems like a bunch of teen boys are and he'll look like a fasting wrestler! (wrestling family here....)

Thank The Lord his noggin was saved. That's the most important line in your post!

Halfmoon Girl said...

How long does it have to be wired shut for? Ouch!
This'll be a story for the family archives!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Well it's good to know there is a brain in there and that it is fine. What a scare I'm sure you all had. My boys dirtbike too so I know the fears!

Take lots of pictures of him with his jaw wired shut :-)

Jenny in Ca said...

oh, poor boy and poor mom! I'll be thinking of you guys this week and sending out prayers.

grace and peace...