Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Boy's Best Friend

I think perhaps I am a bad mom, I think my kids may be missing out on a right of passage for all American children. I developed this impression because of the response my children exhibited when they were the recipients of no less than 7 boxes of sugary cereal. There was weeping, there were cries of joy, there was dancing…from my 13 year old boy, dancing people.

You see, I put a moratorium on sugary cereals sometime last year. I do by cereal, but I buy the healthy kind. I also get lots of eggs & sausage, bagels & cream cheese, English muffins with low sugar jam, stuff like that. What I don’t buy anymore is sugary cereal.

My kids have been known to buy, with their own money, sugary cereal, but even then I won’t let them eat it for breakfast. They can have it for a snack after school is done.

Whichever scientist decided that high doses of sugar do not affect a Childs behavior has not met my children. If I want them to focus on anything before 11 am, I must make sure they get a healthy breakfast with very little sugar.

Well, my sister in law, the mom of T who is living with us, brought us 7 boxes of sugary cereal. 7 boxes. 7!

G dropped to his knees weeping, and while holding the box of cereal close to his heart he began to whisper, “chocolate crispy puffs, chocolate crispy puffs”, over and over again, while rocking back and forth.

I think tomorrow morning at the start of school, I will be weeping due to the cereal, but for an entirely different reason

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I am right with you on this my Texan friend! I have no sympathy in the cereal aisle when my kids plead for something more sugary (they do this nearly every time!)I tell them to find a mom who is buying that and ask to live with her if they cannot bear the torment of living with a mean mother like me.