Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Cabin in the Woods, Part 2

I thought I’d use my celebrity, I mean blog to tell you about the place we stayed. I really loved it. You never know when you find a place online, if it will really be as nice as they tell you it is. I was wary, but Tanyard Springs was right next to Petit Jean State Park, and all our family and friends were camping at Petit Jean State park, so I just found the closest cabin. The cabins that were actually in the park were all booked, so this was next best, and closest thing. These cabins were close enough to the camping spots at Petit Jean that we could ride our bikes there (about 1 mile, and by we I mean the kids and not me).

I can’t remember if I posted about it or not, but we sold our camper to retire some debt. We are sooooo close to being out of debt. In about 6 to 9 more months we could be debt free except for our house, and then we can start paying that down!!!!! WHOO HOO! (But first we will save to buy another camper, because we love camping, and by camping I mean RVing with electricity and a bathroom and kitchen and nothing that resembles a tent and sleeping on the ground.)

But back to camping, or the lack thereof…we have no camper, so we stayed in at this cabin. I highly recommend this place, it was nice and clean, and as beautiful as I stated in yesterday’s post. I really wanted to pack up that wood burning stove and take it home.

Here are a few photos of the inside of the cabin. If you get the opportunity to go to Arkansas in the fall, this is the place you want to go. And if you don’t have a camper and need to stay in a cabin, Tanyard Springs is for you! (I should totally get a job in advertising!)

If you have noticed a shocking lack of teen boys in my photos of this trip it is becaue everytime I picked up my camera and aimed it at them they flead. Unless of course there was food to be eaten, then they just flashed me the Looser sign and got in big trouble.

And then there's this...The Arkansas six-toed steak. This totally needs its own post, but I'll leave you with this photo as a teaser.

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