Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fish Talk

There is an empty 2 gallon fish tank in the boys’ room and the girls’ room because, well, we stink at pet ownership.

When I overheard my boys staying the following, I decided maybe I am scarring them for life.

G ~ “I wonder if Mom will take us out soon to get some more fish for our empty fish tanks?”

B~ “Why don’t we just save ourselves the time and get dead ones?”

Not good, not good at all.


Christy said...

Oh Tricia, that made me laugh. I'm so sorry about your little pets. We just recently bought our first aquatic friend and honestly, I'm surprised he's still alive! I asked the lady which was the absolute easiest fish to take care of and that's what we bought! LOL.

How funny your guys are. Thanks for the laugh. I just love to visit your blog!

Have a wonderfully blessed day friend.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Ummmm, yeah, I can relate. We have a fish tank in our kitchen full of water and plastic plants with the filter running and no fish. It's hasn't had fish for over a year, possibly going on two years. Sometimes children come for a visit and ask where the fish are. I just tell them the fish are in there but are hiding so they will have to sit very quietly and wait patiently for them to come out of hiding. It has actually worked a couple of times! I've had a group of very quiet 6 year olds waiting for the fish!
Yeah, I"m mean. I know.

Halfmoon Girl said...

One of my little guys is one of the one who searches for Kathleen's fish. We have a Japanese Fighting fish and it is really easy to look after-just needs a bowl and water, plus some food. No filters or anything. Keep it in it's own bowl- it will kill the other fish.

Nikki said...

Very, very funny! There are a lot of us negligent (ex)fish owners having a giggle!!