Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We're Getting the Heck Out of Dodge! (Or DFW, as it Were)

We will be leaving right after co op tomorrow for the changing leaves of Arkansas!

It will take us approximately 6 hours to get there and we won’t be leaving until 2:30pm at best, so it will definitely be a long day.

I am so ready for a vacation. I want to be where no one can find me, where no one can call me, and where no one needs me for anything, except of course my immediate family. They are coming with me after all.

It has been a long hard week. One of those weeks where, after looking at the fruits of your labor, you wonder why you work so hard; why you don’t just sit in front of soap opera’s and eat bon bon’s all day.

I’m praying God will use the cool crisp ‘fallness’ of Arkansas to reinvigorate my spirit. I need it.

See you all on Monday!

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The Carnegies said...

Hey, I could use a vacation too! (sigh)