Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Review

I have a new review up on my Homeschool Review blog. It is a book series, so even if you don't homeschool you might be interested.


Jennifer Unsell said...

Tricia- how did you get involved in the TOS crew homeschool review? It seems like it would be loads of fun!

Tricia said...


They sent out a general note saying they were going to be starting the TOS Crew several months back.

We sort of had to 'try out' with reviews of some of their products like the digital mag and their school planner.

They read over all the reviews and visited the various blogs and (apparently there were many) and picked 100 of us.

It is turning out to be a really cool thing.

I'd get on the Old School Houses various emailing lists. I know they are planning to do it again next year. I think they'll probably do it with new people but I'm not sure.