Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today in honor of Election Day, I made homemade donuts.

These homemade donuts.

Okay, it was not really in honor if election day, it was in honor of the fact that someone finally let me in on the secret handshake of the homemade donut world.

See, I always thought that only those mom’s that wore pearls and heals while they vacuumed, made their beds every day, grew their own food and made their own clothes, made homemade donuts. Since I only do a few of those things, (okay, I don’t wear pearls and heals when I vacuum…or make my bed every day…or grow my own food…okay! I don’t do any of those things!) I did not think the homemade donut thing was for me.

But recently Sarah let me in on the dirty little donut secret. Canned Biscuit dough. You unroll yourself some Grands biscuits, cut a little hole in the middle (as an aside, a small shot glass makes the perfect tool for creating the perfect little round hole in the donut, and that is the ONLY reason I was at the Dollar Store buying a shot glass yesterday! REALLY!) then throw your newly formed donuts in the fry daddy, then throw the holes in there too.

When they are appropriately cooled, sprinkle some powdered sugar over them and serve!

You will instantly become SUPERMOM! And your kids and husband will love you forever, and all your friends will be duly impressed and next thing you know you’ll be vacuuming in your heals.


Sheri said...

I grew up doing that, but that was before Grands were available AND we didn't have a deep fryer. Anyway, it works well with the cheapie biscuits also.

By the way, I was showing my husband your dd's head injury and then mentioned the broken jaw...and well, we wound up going through your entire blog the other night, SO if you wonder who was stalking you, it was just me. Sheri. LOL

Tricia said...

That's funny Sheri, stalk away! We seem to have our share of injuries around here. Hopefully we've reached our quota for the year.

Happy Mommy said...

I have been making donuts like that for a few years! And I make a little chocolate glaze with powder sugar, cocoa and water that is yummy on them to! And cinnamon sugar is great too!