Monday, November 10, 2008

A Pretty Darn Good Monday

Bible Study was canceled tonight due to the host (my Sister in law) getting sick about half an hour before we were all due to show up at her house.

I was on snack tonight and had already made the cookies. The kids were very happy to have the cookies me stay home. Sir D decided that since Will’s soccer practice was canceled due to rain and my bible study was canceled due to sickness, we should take advantage of the fact that we were all unexpectedly home and do something together.

Some families might sit around a warm fire, roasting chestnuts and reading aloud, others might discuss the changing political climate still others might enjoy watching something like The Sound of Music while cuddling on the couch eating homemade popcorn. Not my family. We played cards…for profit. It wasn’t actually Poker and we were not playing for real money, but there was no competitiveness lost due to that fact.

We played Oh, Heck! For cookies. For every hand won, a cookie was awarded. Will ended up with 2 and a half. Ann got 1, Eve got 1, Bob got 2 and Sir D got 1 and a half. And even though I baked the cookies I got none. Actually Sir D was magnanimous and split one of his with me.

I’d like to say I was throwing the game for the good of my offspring, you know, building up there self esteem. I wasn’t. I just stink at Oh Heck. Badly.

While it was not the Monday I had expected and I am sorry my SIL is sick, it was a wonderful night.

And on a totally unrelated topic, don’t those hoodies my boys are wearing look like they walked right out of the 80’s? Every time I see them I hear Michael Jackson singing Billie Jean, you know, back before he went weird.


randi---i have to say said...

This sounds like something we would do! We have played poker with candy before. Fun stuff!

Lynn said...

What a fantastic idea, playing cards for cookies. We will have to try this!