Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still Sick

I’m still sick. My head is full and when I stand up to fast everything swims, in fact things swim even when I don’t stand up too fast.

I got up this morning at the bright and early hour of 9:30 and threw on my favorite comfort clothes. It is my go-to outfit when I’m sick. Will, who is suddenly very fashioned conscious, asked if I was really going to go out in my PJ’s. WHAT? I ask in exasperation. These are most decidedly NOT PJ’s. Right?

Now don’t look too closely because remember, I’m sick. And I don’t have any make up on; well, okay, I have yesterdays make up on, and my glasses. But this is a going out outfit right? I mean, I’m not saying I’m a walking fashion plate or anything, but I can stop at the store in these without people thinking I’m in my pajamas.

And also, why is it when you’re sick and wearing clothing of questionable appropriateness do you run into everyone you’ve ever known in your whole life?

Dadgum that Murphy and his stinkin’ law!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Looks fine to me, but then half the teenage girls that come into the library ARE wearing flannel pajama pants.