Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Day After: Let the sugar highs begin.

Yesterday was interesting here in the Hilltop. We went to our Church's trunk or treat. Here is Eve, she was Julie the American Girl from the 70's.

And here is Ann, she was cotton candy. I really wish I'd gotten a photo of her right away. This is about halfway though the night and we'd had to re wrap her several times. Now she really just looks like a sad pink mummy.

The boys did not dress up. They are too cool for that now. They went and helped out and told people they were either 'hot stuff' if it was a cute girl asking or 'pedestrians' if it was an adult or a guy.

Earlier in the day, The Teenager went to an el Dia de los Muertos event at the community college he attends. He is taking a Spanish class there and he was given the option to do this for extra credit. He needs the extra credit.

We talked about what the Day of The Dead is, and how it is not something that we believe in, and it does not match up with our Worldview. I asked him to try to come up with some ways that what we believe to be true and the celebration of El Dia de los Muertos contradict each other. I think this is a very good practice. He is 17, almost a man. He’ll be leaving home soon and choosing to either take on the Truth we have taught him or look elsewhere. Sir D and I are doing our best to help him understand his faith better and be able to detect falsehood when he sees it. We can’t run from all things that disagree with what we believe, we must be able to stand firm, to be a light in a dark world.

When he got back, we sat down in the living room and I asked him what he learned from the experience.

His response?

“I have learned that I hate Mexican music. It’s just like country music except you can’t understand it. And there are trumpets.”

Eternal truths, my friends. My family aims high.


Tonya said...

We don't celebrate Halloween like most people - we stay home and have a game night with lots of good food. No costumes, etc. I spent the entire day yesterday listening to my 5 year old complain that we couldn't go buy him a skeleton costume with a SCARY mask. Why? He wanted to scare his 2 year old brother. Nice. Very nice. The best part is when he was 2, he was so afraid of scary masks he wouldn't go into my brother-in-law's basement - too many scary masks!

Sandy said...

LOL at that comment about what he learned. Those trupmpets would put me over the edge too.