Thursday, November 20, 2008

Isn't she cute?

I was flipping (electronically of coarse) threw a few pictures and came across this one of Ann.

I love this photo. This is her with the Kit doll. I think she looks just like the Kit doll.


Happy Mommy said...

She is cute! How old was your daughter when you first let her have an American Girl doll? My daughter wants one and she is only 3, so we ordered her a bitty baby instead.

Tricia said...

Happy Mommy, Ann was around 3 or 4 when she got a Bitty Baby. Both of my girls have the Bitty Baby. They still love the doll and play with it.

Ann was around 7 when she got her AG doll. I don't think I'd have wanted her to have one much younger than that.

I'm sure your Daisy will love her Bitty Baby!

Jennifer Unsell said...

So sweet Tricia! My girls would love to get an American Girl doll one day. The loved the Kit movie!