Monday, October 20, 2008

Medically speaking…

Some of you have inquired about the stitch removal. It went off without a hitch. Ann sat very still while I took some of my sewing scissors (because they are the only sharp scissors in the entire house) and cut the threads. Then I put some ointment on it for lubricant and gave Ann some tweezers and a mirror.
She wanted to pull them herself. They came right out. So, YIPPEE!

Now on to more impressive injuries.

Sir D, Sir D’s Brother (heretofore known as SDB) and their friend C, and my boys went on a riding trip down to Houston this weekend. Everything seemed to be going along swimmingly until late Saturday afternoon. They say it’s always that last lap that get’s ya. SDB apparently miscalculated something or other and there were berms and whoop te doo’s and high siding on a curve and maybe some headshake and other impressive motocross terms I do not understand, and he flew off the track and hit a tree. Hard.

SDB broke his femur in three places and broke several ribs, and may have slightly punctured a lung (how do you slightly puncture a lung, I ask?)

I got a call from my SIL R around 7pm on Sat night asking me if I’d heard about SDB. Um, no I had not, but I knew it could not be good. It wasn’t. He was going into surgery to put a rod in his leg. That night.

So SIL R and I distributed our remaining children to various willing adults, threw some things in a bag and headed off for Houston. We made the 4 hour trip in 3. I was doing a fair amount of speeding, but figured if I got pulled over I had a good excuse, plus we didn’t have to stop every 5 minutes for potty breaks.

By the time we got to the hospital at 11:30, (getting to Houston was the easy part as it turns out. Finding the hospital at midnight, then SDB’s actual room took a while) he was out of surgery and in his own room.

We left SDB and SIL R at the hospital and Sir D and I went off in search of a hotel room nearby. It was after 1 at this point and, for the first time in my life, was wondering if there was a place that sold hotel rooms by the hour. Sir D said that would probably not be the kind of establishment we should inhabit. Oh, right.

Anyway, after getting about 6 hours of sleep that if I figured out how much it cost me by the hour, I am sure would make me sick, we headed back to the hospital to meet up with SDB, SIL R, C (who’d been at the camp site with my boys) and my boys.

We prayed over SDB, said our farewells and packed up all the motorbikes and gear and wagon-trained back home.

SDB and SIL R are on their way home today. I can only imagine that riding in an SUV with a rod in your broken leg, and several broken ribs and a slightly punctured lung will be an experience SDB or SIL R will not soon forget.

Makes a few hours in an ER waiting room and a few stitches to the head seem like nothing.

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Tonya said...

Wait, are they in my parents motor home? That thing makes me sick to even BE in - riding in it is worse. :-) Nothing against my parents motor home, I just need a solid foundation under me or I get motion sick. :-)

I do so hope everything is ok. I was just talking to C the other day about getting hurt, etc. How that (supposedly) makes us more cautious. Are your boys going to be more careful in the future or do they think those things only happen to "old" people? :-)

Tricia said...

They were not in the motor home, they were in tents.

I think it really freaked Sir D out and he may not be riding for a while.

Sir D said he has noticed Will is a lot more cautious since he broke his jaw last year. Now if I could just get him to be more cautious in the car...

You can pray for SDB, it seems he's having some complications with his heart (erratic pulse etc). They changed all of his meds hoping it is that and not some internal injury. They've not released them from the hosp yet.

That's the thing about riding. It is dangerous but they love it, ya know.

I just can't bring myself to make a stick over something they love to do so much and the fact that it is something that daddy and sons love together...I just can't be the killjoy there, but it is scary.

Tonya said...

I spoke with C today, so got the scoop. SCARY. Wow. I guess C is glad he didn't actually see him wreck, but Little C (good name for my nephew, he would take offense though!) did