Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Beauty Is Lost

And this is what happens to Beauty when you add homeschooling...

One teenage boy extracting the DNA from split peas.

One ten year old daughter reading a historical fiction book.

One 8 year old daughter trying to light paper on fire with a magnifying glass ON MY KITCHEN TABLE.

And one 13 year old boy taking photographic evidence.

A regular old homeschooling morning...priceless.

I have to say though that that is pretty cool. See those strandy things? That is not imperfections in my glass (because I have totally given up on glass and those are acrylic 'glasses' but that is for another post) those are DNA strands, or something (hay, I'm not the one taking Biology).


I'll restore Beauty after school is done for the day.


inspired said...

That is soooo priceless! You know, every once in a while I look at my table right before supper and think, "is there a table even there?" But then I realize that it looks like that because we are accomplishing something!!


Jenny in Ca said...

wow, what great memories- and what a great experiment!!

our dining table looks like life exploded on it most days...