Saturday, November 10, 2007

Take Two!

When I was at S’s yesterday we played a new game. Actually it’s a new twist on an old game, but I thought I should pass along this little gem.

It's called Take Two or Speed Scrabble. Take all the Scrabble tiles and put them, face down, on the table. Then pass out 7 tiles (still face down) to each player.

Then say go. Everyone turns over all their tiles and makes their own little scrabble puzzle, with regular scrabble rules applying. The first person to use all the tiles (only playing in their own personal puzzle) says “take two” and everyone has to take two more tiles. This goes on until all tiles are gone.

The way to score is to add up the tiles you had to “take” but didn’t use. Lowest score wins.

S and I, one teen, two 10 year olds, one 8 year old and one 7 year old all played together and had a lot of fun!

Oh, one other thing, you are never stuck with the words you have down. You can, at any time, take apart your puzzle and make a new one that uses the letters better, just be aware that if someone finishes up while you have your puzzle disassembled you’ll get stuck with a lot of points, so you don’t want to do this late in the game when all the tiles are almost gone.

Have Fun!

Oh, and if you homeschool this totally covers the spelling requirements for the day!

We played it a bit different form the 'Official Rules' by taking two instead of one. The game moved faster that way.

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