Saturday, November 17, 2007

Undercooked Steak & Man vs. Wild, An Unfortunate Combination.

I didn’t sleep too well last night. I had a stomach ache. I don’t know if it was from the undercooked steak D fed me, the shrimp (you never can be too careful with shrimp) or watching a guy climb inside a camel carcass after drinking water from it’s stomach! Yes my friends, I’m afraid you did read that right.

D and I had our friends S and C over for dinner last night. Originally I had decided I was going to cook a nice meal for D after the kids were in bed and we’d have a date. But when D saw the amount of food I had bought for this little dinner, he said we should invite friends. So S and C came over.

I had the table set with the white roses D bought me this week, (for no reason, and no you can’t have him, he’s mine) matching forks, knives and spoons on real plates, not the paper kind. (In the ‘green’ age will I get in big trouble if I say I still use paper plates from time to time? Because 7 people x 3 meals a day + snacks = way too many dishes!) We had crystal-ish water pitcher on the table, and classical music coming from the satellite radio…on the TV. (That is just so weird that the radio comes out of the TV. My stuck-in-the-80’s brain just can not handle it!)

If one overlooked the pile of laundry that was on the living room couch (that is visible from the dining room table) and the ripping dining room chairs (which are getting fixed TODAY) it was a very classy meal. It would have cost a mint in a restaurant. It was a very nice night out/in with friends.

After we cleared our dishes and played a rousing game of Take Two with men who refused to take it seriously and made up words, (dipwad is SO not in the dictionary!) we retired to the living room.

C had never seen Man vs. Wild (can you imagine!) so D thought it was time to educate him. I think this was the first of the new season, and OH. MY. GOODNESS. GRACIOUS!!! He was in the Sahara desert and the things he ate…and did. I can’t even let my mind go back to what he did with that camel carcass. It was just…wrong, and wrong.

It turned every good thing that was so nicely digesting in my stomach, to rock. And it stayed rocklike for most of the night. I had nightmares of being eaten by a giant camel, Jonah style. Truly it was awful.

And do you think we deleted such horridness off the DVR? No, of course not. While S and I were green, D and C were fascinated. D said that we must save this for the boys, they’ll love this one!

Testosterone causes brain damage, Of this I am certain!

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I like in home dates. Serious savings on babysitting! Sounds like a nice evening- except for that camel carcass.