Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Panty Lines, A National Crisis.

There was a thing on the local news last night about panty lines. Or more accurately, a new panty that promises no panty lines. These were Hi-Tech panties, with technology and stuff.

I did not really pay much attention to the ad, but when it was over I started thinking. This whole no panty line thing is big business. There is a whole line of panties with a no panty line promise. Is this really that big of a problem?

Because I’m thinking that if panty lines are such a big problem that you need Hi-Tech panties, well maybe panties are not your problem. Perhaps you need looser pants. I’m just saying.

***There will be no photo to accompany this post, this is a family friendly bolg!***

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Tonya said...

Very very funny! Amen to the looser pants! Of course, I thought most women who were concerned about panty lines just wore a thong?? Another question about panty lines. I read this "modestly checklist". One of the things to check for was panty lines. If you had them, it was "immodest". Really? I mean, I would think that a nice, smooth behind was WAY more of a turn on than someone's granny panties showing. Right? If I remember correctly, I think my husband agreed. So, for modesty sake, please, please, have panty lines in your tight pants. :-)