Friday, November 30, 2007

Finger Injury System

Yes, yes there is such a thing.

It exists. And there is a system, with several steps, and parts.

Do you know how I know this? Because I have teenage sons who cannot even play flag football at co op without injuring themselves.

Now I must add that he went to writing class after his injury, and did most of his homework at home before he mentioned his ‘wee little accident’ (his words) to me.

He has a carpet burn (from the non carpeted gym floor, hummm?) and a damaged finger.

It is jammed at best, broken at worst.

I am not terribly worried as this is not my first broken finger, well I personally have never broken my finger because I’m a girl; a delicate, graceful flower who does not do such things. What I meat to say is, this is not the first broken finger on a teenage boy (or grown man for that matter) that I have had to doctor.

D broke his finger putting trash in the dumpster when he was the lowly warehouse guy many years ago. The lid closed on his hand.

B broke his finger playing dodge ball at AWANA. This one was bad. His finger was at an unnatural angle (that is the nicest way to say what his freakish finger looked like) and had to be set and casted.

G’s finger is just swollen and painful. It is still in its intended position, thank goodness for small favors!

So today we went to CVS for another ‘system’ to deal with the latest teen boy injury.

Ahhh, life with teens. It’s amazing any of them make it to adulthood.

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