Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's About Time!

Before: sad, sad, chairs

Must inlist help.

Why did I decide to do this?

Were those chairs really that bad?

Yeah, I guess they were.

After: pretty, happy chairs!

I have the bleeding knuckles, and extream back pain to prove I did it! But don't they look purty?

I think I'm going to have a hard time letting anyone put their bum's on them; or eat near them. Hummm, this could be a problem since they are our dining room chairs...


My Semblance of Sanity said...

Looks gorgeous with your wall hanging!

Tricia said...

Thank you!

I must admit that I picked a pattern that would match my wall hanging.

My aunt is a quilter and she quilted it for me.

On the wall next to it, out of the photo is my china cabinet with all my teacups, so it fits the theme.