Monday, November 5, 2007

Tales of Woe

My husband said horrible words to me on Saturday, words that strike fear into the heart of every woman. Words that made me cry. Then want to eat copious amounts of chocolate.

“Honey, we have a leak in the master bathroom (which is UPSTAIRS by the way) and I will have to tear it up.”

“We will have to use the downstairs bathrooms for a while”

“I’m going to have to tear out the sink, and possibly the toilet, and get under the shower.”

The sound I heard while these sentences were coming out of his mouth? CHA-CHING!

Remember this post where I mentioned how close we are to getting out of debt?

This could possible set us back months, or (PLEASE, NO!) years.

Photos to follow, just as soon as I can get up the nerve to survey the damage.

And to top it all off, many strange and grungy men will be wandering around my master bedroom in the near future. My sanctuary is about to get invaded and turned into a construction site.

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