Friday, November 9, 2007

Turns Out, the Sky is Not Falling After-all!

Yesterday as I was rushing around trying to get ready for the party, at the same time I was trying to clean my house for men’s bible study and my dad’s visit, I got a phone call. Two actually.

D was stuck at work, and Men’s bible study would meet elsewhere. My dad also called to inform me he was on antibiotics for an infected salivary gland (who knew those could get infected?) so we rescheduled his visit.

I sat down on my couch and rested. My weekend had just opened up and as a bonus I could stop running around like a chicken with my head cut off to straighten up the house.

I am sad my Dad is not coming; I do like it when he visits but somehow this time, there is just so much chaos going on right now that it was stressing me out.

On another good note, D and his brother D (yeah this is going to be hard to keep straight, he is the second born in the family so perhaps we’ll call him D2) looked into the cause of our water leak on Wed night.

Now I have to tell you, D and I have been going over worst case scenarios. We were expecting this thing to be BAD. Turns out, D2 found out, it is 2 separate problems (oh, yippee I thought, twice the expense) but no, it was not. One is in the roof, some slight problem under one of the roof tiles that is easily, and more importantly, cheaply fixed. And the second, the one that had caused the water D noticed when he looked under the bathtub? The silicone around the tub faucet had worn off and during the course of a shower, a little water was leaking down under the tub. A simple bead of silicone around the faucet and we’re done. (This is a photo of D2 looking under the tub. The panel that you remove to look under the tub is in my closet. Can't tell you how much I did not like the thought of D2 hanging out in my not so clean and organized closet.)

I think the words THANK YOU JESUS! are in order here. It could not have been any simpler or cheaper.

So now that I don’t have anyone coming to my house for bible study, I won’t have grungy construction worker types in my master bath, and I don’t have to prepare for my dad’s visit, I have decided that today we’re going out! We have a little school to do, and then we’re going to my friend S’s house to play (kids) and eat unfortunate amounts of chocolate and crochet (adults) for the afternoon.

Mama, needs a Mental Health Day!


Tonya said...

Ahhh, have fun with them today! I'm a little jealous. Although I don't crochet. But I can consume large quantities and I know how much S likes coffee! FUN!

Tricia said...

Yeah, why do you live so far away anyway? Those darn husbands and their jobs!

I wish you lived closer and could come out and play with us.

Are you and your crew coming for Christmas or Thanksgiving this year.

Tonya said...

No, the trip to Colorado this summer took all our travel money (and all my desire to travel with a young child!). We rarely make it to your area. Seems we always meet my parents in Colorado, or they come here. Speaking of, they are flying out here on Thanksgiving Day! This means I don't get to see C&S this year. :-( Even Dawn is not going to your area for Christmas this year. Katie can't travel anymore.