Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Good Man

Thanksgiving is coming soon and I am starting to think about the things I am thankful for. I know I should do this more; all year in fact, but sometimes you just get bogged down in the minutia of life, or sometimes you get so used to things that you forget to be thankful for them, you forget that not everyone has these things in their life.

One thing I have been thankful for lately is D in general and his work ethic in particular. D has been at the same job for 16 years. He started out sweeping the floors in the warehouse while he was finishing college at night. We were married then, and to call those the lean years would be an understatement. D knew he had the potential to do the job and do it well. He told the Branch Manager back then, that he planned on being in outside sales one day. The boss told him to finish college then come see him.

Long story short (sort of) he worked his way up through the ranks. He was not so proud that he was not willing to start out sweeping the floors even when he knew he was capable of more.

There is some talk now, among the bosses of making him Branch Manager of a different branch. (one closer to the house!) We’ll know more in April.

My point is, there are many times when he had better offers of more money for less stressful/physical work early on, but he saw the potential in his current job, and he knew the importance of the benefits (health ins, co car etc). He always put us (his family) first and stayed the course.

D gets up every morning and goes off to work weather he feels like it or not. I have taken this for granted lately. I have some acquaintances whose husbands are not so reliable. They have to work because they can not count on their husbands to keep a job and provide for the family. I also have acquaintances whose husbands have lost jobs and have not been able to find new ones. I am blessed to have a husband with a strong work ethic who provides for his family with a regularity that can be counted on.

And he’s pretty cute too!


Tonya said...
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Sheri said...

That's so great!! I have to admit I always took this for granted too.