Monday, February 25, 2008

As Long As I'm Living, My Baby You'll Be...

Last night, just as Sir D and I were walking in the door from our small group, his cell phone rang. It was the kids. They were on their way home from AWANA and they got a flat.

I sat and listened to Sir D’s side of the conversation, sure he was going to be the Knight in Shining Armor that he is and ride in and save the day. After he got off the phone he went back to frying the meat for the fajitas. HUH?

“Um, aren’t you going to go help them out?” I ask.


“Don’t you think they need help?” I try again.


“But, honey it’s dark and the girls are with them. Shouldn’t you go and help them” I say a third time.

“Will and Bob know how to change a tire.” He assures me.

“Really?” (When did this happen?)

“Yes dear, they are growing up to be men and men need to know how to change a tire”

“But it’s dark and the girls are with them” (Nothing like stating the obvious, again.)

Sigh from Sir D

“I know exactly where they are. They are in that really nice neighborhood by the church. They parked under a street light so they can see what they are doing and the girls are sitting patiently on the sidewalk.” Sir D tells me.

“Okay” I say not really meaning it. It is decidedly NOT okay that my babies are out there all alone in a cold cruel world, left to fend (or change a flat) for themselves. I don’t like it! Not one little bit!

Well, they did manage to change the tire and then noticed…the spare was also flat. So Sir D did have to go after-all and bring the pump so they could air up the flat. But he did not do it for them, he brought them the pump and sat back and let them do it.

Today, instead of getting his mountains of schoolwork done, Will is calling tire places to find out how much it is going to take for him to get his tires fixed. He is seeing all the hidden expenses involved in automobile ownership.

I guess Sir D is right. They are growing up and they will make excellent husbands and fathers someday.

But they will always be my babies.

And to that lovely lady whose house my kids were parked in front of, thank you! It was really kind of you to ask them if they needed any help or if they needed to use the phone. And it was especially nice of you to bring them a flashlight. I also suspect you watched them from behind the living room curtains, because you are probably a mom too. Thank you for watching out for my babies when my husband wouldn’t let me. We Mom’s have to look out for each other.


Happy Mommy said...

Oh my goodness I bet it just about killed you to WAIT... My boys are 6 and 4, I am glad my husband is also teaching my boys to grow up to be good fathers and husbands someday but boy is it hard for us mamas.

Christy said...

You nearly brought tears to my eyes! Yes, you're right. Us momma's DO have to look out for each other and I thank God with you that He placed someone caring in the path of your babies.

We have two boys (and two girls as well) and no matter how much I've tried to stop them, they are growing up into young men much too quickly for this momma. I've told them that we had BABIES because we wanted... BABIES! What do they think they're doing growing up into such big kids?


JAN said...

Oh I know how you feel! We have 4 sons, 21,19, 16, and 6. Our 2 oldest still live at home but have jobs and one is in college. They keep crazy hours and I never really know where they are or when they'll be home. Ever since they started driving it's been a lesson in surrender-them-to-the-Lord. Especially when they don't come home until the wee hours.
I loved Christy's comments.:-)

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am clapping for your wise hubby and feeling for you all at the same time. You got a good man there and you are a good woman for supporting his decision- together you are raising great kids.

The Journey Begins Here said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. I would love to see the statue of you. Your description of it is beautiful. Sir D is very handsome, by the way. Armour is so attractive! Theresa

Tricia said...

You are all correct. Waiting is HARD, and I don't recall either, giving my babies permission to grow up!

Theresa, glad you dropped by and just so you know, Sir D is even more hansom with out the armour! :o)

Ruby in Montreal said...

Oh Tricia, that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes! The title of your post caught me eye & I had to come read it because singing I Love You Forever (the song from the book) is the Banana's favourite bedtime ritual.

I'm so glad I came! We do have to stick together, we Mamas. My girls know they'll always be my babies, even when they're all grown. I'm happy they are growing & my husband is one who encourages them to be strong & independent - for which I am truly glad. It is reassuring, though, to know there are other Moms out there who will look out for them when I can't.