Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Bit Grumpy.

Sir D had two temp crowns put on yesterday again. He already went through the process once and the permanent crowns were not on right so they have to start over from the beginning. Let’s just say he is a bit grumpy.

Will left too much co op homework for today and is behind. He had ¾ of his paper done (rough draft is due tomorrow) and then left for his ortho appt without saving it. Ann got on the computer (with my permission) and closed it, so now he has to start over. Let’s just say he’s a bit grumpy.

Bob is never grumpy, but always loud.

Eve’s eczema has hit an all time high and her face is puffy and itchy and red, she also lost her cream ($10 for 4 oz) and the humidifier broke last week. Let’s just say she is a bit grumpy.

Ann’s allergies are also at an all time high and she is coughing constantly. Cough medicine is not working, neither are the cough drops. She was up most of the night coughing. Let’s just say she is a bit grumpy.

I did not sleep well last night due to the incessant coughing. I am having a painful, and somewhat lightheaded kind of day (thank you Fibromyalgia for kicking me when I’m down) and I have not prepared much at all for my co op class tomorrow. I had to go spend money we don’t have at Wal-mart to buy cream for Eve and a new humidifier. Let’s just say I’m a bit grumpy.

Anyone want to come over to my house? If you do you’ll probably find me hiding under the covers.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I will be right there with chocolate. I am pretty good at hiding from kids, so I will join you- I call under the bed. Is it sad that that sounds relaxing right now- hiding under someone else's bed eating chocolate?

Tricia said...

You know you're a mom when hiding under someone else's bed eating chocolate sounds like a vacation.

(unless of course it's one of your kids beds, because who knows what's living under there!)

Tonya said...

My guess is the kids would find you just from all the giggling you would be doing! :-) Sorry you're having such a bad day Tricia. Hopefully today will be MUCH better!

Happy Mommy said...

With the allergies, try to limit her milk or any dairy intake just before bed. And as a mother of 4 you probably know and have tryed elivating the bed, but if you haven't it might help, just put a large book under each side at the top of the mattress to elivate her and she might not cough as much.
Hope you have a better day.

Happy Mommy said...

I think I just sent you a post and didn't even spell check it. So the secret is out I am a horrible speller. The Shame The Horror The Guilt! Oh well....
You now know my secret, I spell check everything and type fast.

Tricia said...

Happy Mommy, you'll be happy to know you're in good company here. I too am a horrible speller.

I didn't even notice any misspelled words! :o)

I type almost everything for that reason! The spellchecker is my friend. If they ever make a pen with spell check capabilities, I'll be the first in line!