Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh Brother!

My husband is sad. Very, very sad. My husband found out today that not one, but two of his brothers bought new trucks. And not just any new trucks, but enormous, king cab, diesel, tow monsters. Trucks so bad cool tight neat amazing that you could tow a brick building behind them, and achieve high speeds while doing it.

So now poor Sir D has no bad cool tight neat amazing truck, instead he has a wimpy company truck and a Sherman Tank. This particular Sherman Tank is only really strong when it comes to hitting things and not so much towing things.

I think it is the Devil tempting poor Sir D. Not one but two of his brothers have more power and can go faster than he can.

I can only remind him that we will have less debt. They can definitely win that contest!

Poor guy; nothing makes him sadder than loosing to his brothers when it comes to torque… and other testosteronie car stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I like to put things like that into
context. Yes, they have new trucks BUT you wouldn't trade one of your precious children or their (and your) health in for even the most fabulous of trucks. Focus on blessings and being content.