Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hello, my name is Tricia and I have an addiction…

I popped into one of those convince stores today. I was standing in line with my Coke Zero for tomorrow and my diet caffeine free coke for tonight and some chocolate. As I looked around me at the other customers, I realized I was looking right into the face of addiction.

See, I have given up coke, sort of. I decided I won’t buy it from the store anymore. I’ll just allow myself one when I’m eating out or something. I really need to drink more water. The only way for me to drink more water, is to NOT drink things that are not water, like Coke.

I did manage to get off the hard stuff a few years ago and haven’t had a regular Coke in years. I almost can’t stand the sickeningly sweet stuff I cut my teeth on.
But oh aspartame, she is my friend.

I am also trying to cut back on my chocolate consumption, so I instituted the same will-not-buy-at-the-store policy for chocolate.

This is how I found myself at the Need My Fix Trip Quick Trip on 6pm on Saturday. See, the men are gone tonight and I finally get to start the Bleak House miniseries that has been waiting for me in DVD form on top my TV for weeks. I am so excited. But I just can’t really enjoy my Bleak House night without some Coke and Chocolate.

Back to Quick Trip. As I was standing in line, I noticed the man paying was buying a lotto ticket, the man behind him had beer, the lady behind him had cigarettes, the man in front of me bought chewing tobacco and I bought Coke and chocolate.

I thought perhaps we should have started our own 12 step program right there in the Quick Trip.

Hello, my name is Tricia and I have an addiction; two actually.


jewlsntexas said...

Think about this - if we didn't have addictions - there would be no need for convenience stores!

My daughter and I made a pact about a week and a half ago that we were never-going-to-drink-diet-coke-again and since I don't like regular coke - I can't go to that. I just worry about the stuff that is in it -

Anyway - so far so good - although I have only traded one addiction for another and am now consuming a lot of tea. Hot, cold, whatever.

Jenny in Ca said...

well, right there with you. I also have a big problem with needing to take iron pills at least 2 times a day- but I don't want to take it with diet coke...which I was drinking with every meal and for a snack, including for breafast, ugh! The days I get into trouble and don't take my iron are all because of my diet coke problem.

I think we need a twelve-step poem or something...

and chocolate..yum!