Friday, February 15, 2008

My Own Personal Kryptonite

Today is a grey overcast day. It is very weird outside. It is like the passage of time has stopped and it is still 7am. Though it is not really 7am of course, because I can’t think in complete thoughts or spell at 7am. In TX we rarely get days like this where it is grey and drizzly all day. I didn’t realize how much my body needs the sun to know what time it is. I just always seem to know, instinctively what time it is during the day. Apparently drizzle is my kryptonite because I lost about four hours today.

I went to Wal-mart today. I HATE Wal-mart. But first, because shopping at Wal-mart is not torture enough for one day, I also stopped into a chop shop to get my hair trimmed. The stylist (I use that term generously) mentioned that I could cover all this grey if I got some caramel highlights. What grey? She’s nuts. I’m WAY too young for grey hair. Won’t go back to see her again.

So when I went into Wal-mart it was somewhere around noon; I think. I spent 3.2 million dollars on food even though I couldn’t find a couple of things on my list and really only bought enough food to get us by until Monday. Then I came home. It took me 4 hours to do those things. I got home and it was 4pm. WHAT? My special powers told me it was only around 2 at the latest.

Stinking drizzle!

Now I have to put it all away. I am sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by Wal-mart bags. They are on the table, on the chairs, on the kitchen counters and even on the floor.

If I stare at them long enough do you think they will empty themselves onto the appropriate shelves?

Yeah, me neither.

You know, if I were ever to win the lottery (which would be a trick since I’ve never bought a ticket) the first thing I would do is hire someone to grocery shop and cook. Then I’d hire someone else to clean. Are you wondering what I would do?

I would do school and play with my kids. That is what I like to do. My girls and I were playing a geography game when I had to leave and go run errands. I didn’t get to finish. I don’t want to go shopping. I want to stay home and play! I hate Wal-mart. Have I mentioned that?


Tonya said...

Me too. I just told my husband today that I wish I could just home school the kids all day. No cleaning, cooking or laundry. That would be great!

Oh, hate Wal-Mart too. Won't even step foot in the one in my town. In 5-1/2 years here, I think I've been in it 2 times.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I would do the same thing as you if I won the lottery.