Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where Can I Buy A Backbone?

I had a bad experience at Subway today. This seems to be becoming a habit. Why is everyone in such a hurry? Is a bomb going to go off somewhere if we slow down? Is the world going to come to a screeching halt if someone does not get their sandwich in under 2 minutes?

Some of you may know that Ann has an anaphylactic allergy to dairy. All dairy. Even a tiny drop of say, creamy Italian dressing on her sandwich could kill her. Kill. Her.

It is a very serious thing. We rarely eat out. I check everything at the grocery store before I buy it and then mark with a sharpie the things she can not have. We rarely buy things she can‘t have. It’s just easier that way. We do have cheese and milk and yogurt in the house, she obviously can’t have those, but I mean the graham crackers that have dairy or popcorn that has butter or bread with milk in it. We just don’t buy it so there is no confusion.

I have done some research and I have a the list of ingredients for Subway sandwiches and there is the added bonus of watching them make it, so Subway is one of the only places we can eat out.

So today I’m at our local Subway. The manager was there and he is usually very nice and friendly. I was picking up some lunch on my way home from co op for Sir D and Ann. Sir D stayed home with her this morning while I was teaching my classes. She has now developed a fever so it is a cold not allergies after-all.

Anyway, there I am in the Subway and I am trying to order 3 sandwiches. I am watching like a hawk the way they are fixing them to make sure they don’t do it wrong. I have already annoyed them by asking if they could get a fresh loaf out and not give her the one they pulled out of the box where they store the extra bread. It has been in there touching the cheesy bread and that could kill her.

They were going so fast, slapping things on those sandwiches, that I could hardly keep up with which sandwich was which. Then at the last minute, she puts creamy Italian dressing on Ann’s sandwich. When I said that was the wrong sandwich, she just wanted to leave it. I said that one was for my allergic dd and she said okay, (in a very annoyed way) and pulled off the meat most of the dressing was on. Now the manager had come up behind her. I had to ask her to remove some more of the stuff as it had dressing on it too. The manager made some comment about the line being long and there was not time to remake the sandwich.

In the end they had also put cheese on the wrong sandwich and Ann’s sandwich was completely ruined. They were in such a hurry because there was a line behind me. I waited in that same line too. It was my turn and I just wanted everyone to slow down for one minute so I could order my daughter a sandwich that would not kill her.

She ended up eating PB&J that I made her, and we had an extra Subway sandwich.

Those people would have had to wait probably 30 more seconds for me to order my daughter a sandwich that she could eat.

I’m not about special interest groups; I don’t think the world needs to change to accommodate my daughter. I am not asking for all dairy to be removed from all restaurants. I just need a minute. That is all. A minute to make sure what I feed her is not going to kill her. Can you people out there who are in such a hurry, please try to understand that sometimes things take extra time. The world is not going to end if ordering a sandwich takes 30 seconds longer than you anticipated, but Ann’s world could come to an end If I’m in to much of a hurry!

Sir D said I should have nicely said to the manager that I am sorry about the hassle, but I’m not going to buy the sandwiches after all as It could kill my daughter, since they would not take the time to listen to me and do it right. It was not worth It. And I should have simply left the store empty handed. It could have been done kindly and in a non confrontational manner.

I hate being assertive, but I really have got to learn how to handle those situations better. I get so overwhelmed with everyone else’s busy that I can’t think straight, but I’m simply not willing to risk Ann’s life so the line will move faster.

UGH, I need a bigger backbone!


Sandy said...

I think you could make slight alterations to this post and hand-deliver it to the manager of that Subway along with some information on your daughter's allergy. You could also find the address of his regional manager and make sure he/she gets a copy too along with the name and location of the Subway/manager involved. It is inexcusable (sp?) that they would not make the sandwich the way you ordered it. You're paying for it, after all- line or no line, allergy or no allergy.

~just me~ said...

oy! what a pain! so sorry.

ditto sandy.

Happy Mommy said...

I agree with Sandy! You really should make a call or write a letter, this is serious! I have been at places when really grumpy people have caused a scene over nothing, they should have made you a new sandwich, your daughters life is at stake for crying out loud.

I love your signature! I posted it to my photo's and added through the add a photo part at the top of the new post page, I did do it manually and wish I could get blogger to do it for me. How did you enter yours? If I figure out a better way I will let you know.

Halfmoon Girl said...

One of my kidlings has a life threatening allergy to peanuts. I find when I get a bad response, it usually comes from ignorance. I really watch servers in restaurants to make sure they GET it. It is tough- Ann's allergy sounds really difficult to watch. I agree with some other commentor's. I think it might make you feel better to follow up. I followed up once with rude police officer- at the time his arrogance stunned me so much that I didn't know what to say and cried immediately after instead, but later that night I phoned to talk to him personally to let him know how I experienced his attitude. He apologized, kind of. The point is that I was proud of myself for doing it. I HATE confrontation. When it comes to allergies, it is a chance to educate this manager and the employees- someone else in the same situation may not have been watching as closely as you and their child might have come to great harm. I usually emphasize that my child will have about 20 minutes before he is unable to breathe if he eats peanuts. It tends to get the stubborn ones' attentions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sandy and the other posters. That is horrible customer service, even without the allergy concerns. ~ Melanie (I can't remember my google password so I can't sign in.:-()

Randi said...

I do think you could have just left the sandwiches, no problem. technically they should have just made you a new one without being so ridiculous. You are paying for their product, after all!

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