Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flowers, jewelry and coffee; the stuff dreams are made of.

D came home last night with some beautiful flowers. No one variety, but several in a dazzling bouquet of color. He also bought me some small ruby stud earrings. My birthstone is ruby and I just love rubies! Sadly they are quite expensive so I rarely get any. I was given a pair by my aunt and uncle when I turned 16. I wore the fire out of those earrings. Last year I lost one; it was a very, very sad day.

But now that I have a new pair, I think I am going to take that one left over earring and see if I can have it made into a necklace charm. Then I’ll have a matching set. Whoo Hoo!

I searched the world over and found some Starbucks coffee form New Guinea to give to D as a gift. D was born there and spent much of his youth running around in its lush green jungles as a Missionary Kid.

I knew the New Guinea coffee would be a treat for him. WHoo, is that strong stuff! I think I could re tar my roof with it!

I would take lovely photos of my nice sparkly stud earrings and lovely display of flowers, but the boys took my camera with them with they went riding their motorbikes today. I guess they want to get some great shots of them catching air over the triples. I am sooo not going to look at those photos!

Happy Saturday!

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