Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh, the noise!

I am going to share something with you. A weakness. It is a small thing, but it has a big effect.

I have serious noise issues. I think it could be called a noise intolerance, nay, even an allergy.

Racket drives me nuts. I have been known to throw out toys when my kids were not looking because I simply could not stand the noise it made. And those VTech toys for babies? The bain of my existence! I used to unscrew them and stuff cotton balls or Kleenex over the speaker to quite them.

What I fund amusing is that the Lord would give me such a noise intolerance, and four such loud children. I think either He overestimated my ability to handle the racket, or underestimated my children’s ability to make noise.

So because clearly I am an idiot. Sir D and I gave the boys guitars for Christmas with the promise of lessons. I thought, how much noise can a guitar make, right? It’s not like we bought them flutes or drums or, heaven help me, violins.

Well, here’s a little tip for you. When children first learn to play the guitar, they have to play this same little tunie thing, where they pick a few strings and hold them for different amounts of time. What this makes is most definitely NOT music. It is racket in its most annoying and torturous form. It is the kind of racket they have to do repeatedly, given to them as homework by a person we are paying.

Ping, ping-ping, ping-ping-ping, piiiiiiiinnnnng. This has been ringing through my house for most of the day. One stops and the other one starts. Right now I can hear it although I am not sure if one of them is practicing their guitar or it is just reverberating around in my skull.

What have I gotten myself into? I am completely willing to allow my offspring a lopsided education. They don’t really need music do they?

(And please pay no attention to the horrid pig sty my boys live in. Obviuously Home Ec is a course we have not spent much time on either.)


Tonya said...

Right there with you. I am always telling my kids, "NO unnecessary noises!" Of course, unnecessary noises are anything that drives me crazy - mouth noises, tapping, anything repetitive, etc. Makes me want to scream!!!!!!!!!!

dlyn said...

It gets quieter - once they move out that is. But then they come back with noisy grandchildren and it is all good. A big old circle of life thing :) Nice blog - I will be back to check it out some more.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I hear you! I keep telling my hubby that one day we will miss the noise of our little darlings.