Monday, February 11, 2008


10,000 people have read my blog, so says my site meter. I am not sure if I feel flattered or afraid.

So in honor of the nice round number of 10,000 (I’m a little Monk) I thought we’d do a little look back, using the Google search as our guide.

I get a significant amount of hits from my ‘mature TV’ post where I am commenting on Sir D’s propensity to laugh hysterically at Sponge Bob. Imagine the disappointment to the people doing a ‘mature TV’ search when they happen upon my blog and Sponge Bob. Not what they had in mind I would imagine.

I also get a lot of hits on ‘six toes’ and ‘Arkansas’ which lands on The Arkansas Six Toed Steak post. I don’t even know what to say about this.

I get many Jason Bourne hits, from this post. I still love Jason Bourne. I wonder if they’ll make anymore Jason Bourne movies?

I’ve had several people come here looking for the image of the 25 year pin from AA. That was a letter to my Dad, when he got his.

I get a lot of hits to this post about boys Church Shoes. Who knew this was such a nation wide problem?

Many come here inquirimng abou head coverings. I think those people must be sorely disappointed or just downright confused to end up on this post.

Some are looking for The Perfect Mom, sorry, not going to find her here!

I get a lot of hits on my Nascar Post. I hope these people can’t figure out where I live.

Many people land on this post while researching the legalities of Double Towing. All I can say to that is…DON’T DO IT!

I get lots of hits for Sonlight + homeschooling and Five in a Row + Homeschooling for these posts about what curriculum I am using for each child. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4.

I am happy to have people coming to my blog looking for homeschooling advice. I’m all for promoting homeschooling and encouraging those in the trenches with me.

I think I’ll stop there. That is ten links. Well, if you count parts 1-4 as one post, and we are. I like the nice round 10. (Monk again) Also, my kids need to be educated at some point today.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I remember all those posts I think. I always enjoy visiting over here.