Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flip the dumb switch!

Today is Sunday. On a normal Sunday, you’d find us at Church. But not this Sunday. My boys and dh are off on a grand adventure with their Motorbikes and some good friends. This is not normally something they would be doing on a Sunday morning. I am up in my bed, with my robe and pj’s on, and I might stay here all day. Evelyn is downstairs watching whatever they have on PBS on Sunday mornings and Annika is still sleeping, at 9am!

If you knew my Annika, you’d know how unusual this is. She is usually the first face I see in the morning, this lovely face is often singing or talking, or doing something equally difficult to continue sleeping through. So the fact that she is still asleep should tell you something. WE HAVE BEEN TOO BUSY!

My dh and his 3 brothers and their wives all threw an anniversary party for their parents yesterday. 45 years! WOW! That is along time. Dave said “I wonder what we’ll be like after we’ve been married for 45 years” I responded “Yeah, and I wonder if our kids will have any nice things to say about us then?”

It was nice to see all the brothers honoring their parents. They all love each other and the Lord. It really is a gift to be in this family. They are a hoot! But in today’s society, it is just unheard of for an entire family to all LIKE each other. We like to be together. We argue or have misunderstandings from time to time but we get over it, and we like each other.

So due to all the Easter festivities, the anniversary party and, oh, yeah, homeschooling, we’re pretty tired. My room looks like a stuff-bomb went off, and I can feel every muscle in my body (gotta love fibromyalgia) so today we’re taking a mental health day. My boys take a mental health day by getting up early and riding their motorbikes. The girls and I take a mental health by doing…well, as little as possible!

We will play, paint, crochet, watch movies, eat, really whatever we want. Now THAT is a mental health day.

Let me tell you how I know I needed a mental health day. For about 4 days the lamp and the clock in my room have not been working. I keep wondering why they were not working. Strange that the light bulb would blow at the same time the clock died. Hummm. (By the way, I did check to see that they were plugged it, I’m not a total moron) Then I plugged in my computer this morning so I could begin my mental health day by surfing the internet from my bed, (gotta love the laptop) Odd, my computer was saying it was on battery, weird because I plugged it in. Humm, to the same surge protector thing the lamp and the clock are plugged into. It must be broken. I got down there on the floor and un plugged it and plugged it back in…nothing. Well, I guess the surge protector is dead. Well, better that than the clock I guess. But wait…do you notice something in this photo??? A big red switch, perhaps? Okay, so I am a total moron.

After I flipped the dumb switch, I had light, I had the time, and I had my computer! If only there were a switch to flip that would clean up this room…


Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes, well I can relate. Hope you had a restful day and are feeling ready for new week.

Jenny in Ca said...

can relate here too! I would love a switch that would clean a room...we can always dream!