Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Wedding

We had a lot of fun at the wedding. It was a beautiful service. It was very honoring to God. One thing they did that I thought was very nice, was take communion together. I think this is very nice for all the obvious reasons. But also, they did it while the soloist was singing. They stayed, kneeled down, facing each other while the singing was going on, but they were done with the communion. From my position, I could see my cousin’s face and she was smiling and she and her husband were whispering to each other. IT was really very sweet. I could tell that she was enjoying her wedding.

I, on the other had was a nervous wreck at my wedding, and can’t remember any of it. I think it was really neat that they got to have a minute during the service, to pause and enjoy their moment!

Here is the photo of me and my girls. They had so much fun at the wedding. I have to say I hope my 8yodd matures A LOT before she gets married She had some really scary suggestions like…

The bride should not wear white that is boring; she should wear purple or blue.

Why does the groom wear black that is depressing, he should wear red. Red is a happy color.

They should have fewer flowers and more balloons.

They should have cupcakes for everyone instead of two cakes they have to cut up, that takes too long.

There should be WAY more dancing and a LOT less talking at the reception.

The one thing she did approve of? The bride wore white, decorated flip flops at the reception under her big billowy skirt. It was really cute. Annika thought that was a great idea.

I am VERY scared of this girls wedding. DH is already trying to bribe them into eloping! Bad, bad, man!

Here is a photo of me and the boys, Gunnar was being a bit silly, but they were dressed up. They looked so nice. They even stayed tucked in for the whole wedding. The reception is another story though. :o)

What hansom men I have. Too bad dh had to run inside and work, he looked pretty good too. I did not get a good photo of him :o(

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Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I'm with your daughter on the cupcakes, that's such a great idea!