Friday, April 13, 2007

NASCAR people

I have to say, I don’t get NASCAR. I really don’t. My son’s and dh are also not big fans.

What is the draw? They just go round and round and round a big track at high rates of speed. I am not against all motorized sports. My kids love motorcross and I have been to some races. They go up and over, and there are woops and berms and various other jumpy-things I can’t remember the names of. (Really though, how do they think they’re going to get any respect when people have to use words like woop and berm when describing the track, I sound like a two year old!) but it is interesting to watch.

Then there is rally racing. It is not big here in the US but is popular over in Europe. I know this because in all the videos of rally races the kids watch with their dad, the man calling out the speed of the turns usually has a British accent. Rally racing is fun to watch, they are driving in real streets that have twists and turns. Exciting!

But in NASCAR they go round, and round, and round…you get my point.
So I am sitting in my bedroom watching the news and they are showing me radar images of this big, bad, scary storm that is coming my way. Giant red and pink blobs are coming in from the west. Batten down the hatches, the rains-a-coming. 80 mile per hour winds, hail, possible tornados, you know the typical Texas spring storm.

So then the image in my screen changes to a campground of sorts. It is at Texas Motor Speedway. Apparently this is a big NASCAR weekend. One man they interviewed traveled 400 miles to be here. 400 MILES PEOPLE! They are not packing up their campers; they are not scurrying around to get out fast. NO they are going to ride out the storm, IN A CAMPER! I have a camper; we are a big camping family. You do not want to be in a camper with 80 MPH winds! Who are these crazy people! The giant red and pink blobs are coming! WHY ARE YOU NOT SCARED???

Oh, right, NASCAR people.

I don’t get NASCAR.

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