Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's Spring..

Yes, that is what you think it is. A mosquito. The dreaded beasts have invaded my home. This is how I know it's spring...not because I see one of these, but because it is in the house. Truth be told, I saw one in January, this is TX after all. But not in the house.
See in the spring for a few days (literally) I can open the windows. There are a very few days down here, where the weather is not too hot or too cold or too humid to have the windows open. There are only a few days like this, some in the spring and some in the fall. They are magical days where I can have the nice fresh breeze blowing through my house; hear the kids out playing, see the neighbors walk by and wave at them. It is so 1950's. I love it.
Most of the time I am locked away with the front window curtains drawn to not let in the abominable Texas summer heat in the afternoons. But for these few days, I imagine myself in some temperate climate, where people live with their windows open, not hiding in the shadows of their homes.
However there is a price...the mosquito. I have never figured out how they get in. We do have screens and none of them have holes that I could find. I think these little pestilent can shrink to half their size to enter my house, and bite ME. Not my children, not my husband, ME. And they leave me nice nickle size welts that itch for a week or more.
I want you to know that this little bugger met his death just as soon as I snapped this photo. He was a little guy, but I know his bigger meaner family is on it's way. That is the way of things here in the south! That is how I know it's Spring.

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