Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Okay ladies (and gentleman if there are any gentleman out of the 10 of you that read my blog daily)

I have had a shocking realization. Really, shocking. Do you know how much an AVERAGE wedding costs? And remember, this is AVERAGE. Get ready, sit down if you swoon easily… $ 20,000 - $ 25,000 based on one google site that had it’s numbers based on 2003 figures. Another site I went to had more current info and specific to my area.

That site was $6,000 to $11,000 MORE!

Here is the info from the second site… On average, couples will spend $31,010 for their wedding in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington TX . This does not include cost for products and services listed in the Addtional Items section. Results based on our research and responses from other married users of this site.

What is in the additional section, you ask?

On average, couples will spend $310,497 on Additional Items in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington TX . These items include New or Used Car, Engagement Ring, Financial Services, Furniture & Household Items, New Home, Honeymoon, Bridal Consultant or Wedding Planner, and Insurance.

OMYGOSH!!! I have 4 children. And if you think just because I have 2 boys I’ll be getting off scott free at their weddings, you have another thing coming. Guess who paid for MY wedding? My in-laws, that’s who; the parents of the son. Why? Well that is another post entirely.

So I started thinking about this because I’ll be going to my cousin’s wedding this Sat, and I found out yesterday that my sons algebra tutor (God bless that woman) makes wedding, and special occasion cakes in her spare time. For approximately $400 a piece!!!!!! Okay, I am not saying that her cakes are not worth $400, or that she is not a wonderful cake maker. She is, I saw some of her work. She is really amazing. But $400! I had NO IDEA a cake cost that much. JUST A CAKE for the wedding cost $400.

$400 is alot of money, but isin't that such a pretty cake?

Okay…so…they can’t have a car…they can’t go to college..and dh and I can’t go to the tropical island of my dreams for our 20th anniversary…but we can afford to marry them off. Hummm?

I’ll tell you right her and now that MY wedding did not cost $310,497. I know it was almost 17 years ago, but really. I think we pulled off my wedding for under $1000. Now, it was at my in-laws house, but they have a beautiful house, and I know a friend made the wedding cake for free…and I think the pastor did it for free…but really $310,497! I think I’m going to swoon!

Now I understand why my FIL told all his boys he’d pay them $500 to elope! My MIL did not appreciate this, but I think that is a great idea. Elope, I’ll pay them $500, just let me come to the elopement! :o)

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