Friday, April 20, 2007

Too Much Information!


Today I went shopping. I hate shopping. I think I need my own tailor because I don’t fit properly into regular clothes. Big girl clothes are too big. They fit in the shoulders but then are too blousy everywhere else. Large clothes in regular stores are not big enough in the shoulders. I go from shop to shop to find something and end up with another shirt from Wal-mart, that shrinks in the dryer and can’t be worn anymore.

So I need an outfit for this wedding tomorrow. (Okay need is a bit of a stretch, but I’m getting tired of the same 3 dresses!)

Well, after finding a cute pair of denim shorts that don’t give TMI, or go down to my knees, and a nice t shirt that is long enough that I don’t have to worry about showing it all when I bend over; I had already spent my budget and still had no dress. Sigh, story of my life.

My aunt, who is so kindly paying for this new dress (she must be tired of the same 3 dresses too), forbid me to go to Wal-mart or Target. After A LOT of taking off and trying on things in various women’s shops I have decided something. Big girls must really like to show off their, um, assets, up top. I mean really, every dress I tried showed WAY to much up there. I know big girls are…well, bigger. But no one but my dh needs that much information about me. It is like wearing a sign that says, “Tricia’s boobs are here, the rest of her will be along shortly”.

I am not a must-be-to-the-neck person, but have some respect clothing designers! Can’t a girl get a nice dress, feel pretty, and not have to show the world what she’s all about!

So I settled for my standard church uniform; a skirt and top. The top is a sheer pink ¾ sleeve button down with a pink tank under it. The skirt is the typical twirly skirt that goes a little past my knees and even has about ½ inch of eyelet at the hem. It is white with small pink flowers.

I even went back to payless for the cute pink shoes to match. And while I was buying the dress I bought a necklace, bracelet and earrings to match. I thought of buying a nice pink purse to match it all, but I had to draw the line somewhere and my kids were home about to kill each other.

I think I have spent more $ on clothes and shoes this month than I have in the pervious 6 months! I may never shop again. I hate the numbers! The numbers on the clothing label keep going up and the number in my bank account keeps going down!

It is so much more fun to shop for my girls. I could have found two adorable, dresses, sandals,and hair bows for my girls at Wal-mart for the price I spent on my outfit today! Good thing I’m not paying for it.

Sigh, have I mentioned I hate shopping for clothes? Give me a good bookstore any day! I don’t have to try on the books and they don’t come in sizes that make me feel queasy.

I’ll try to snap a photo of my family all decked out in our expensive finery. Rarely are we all cleaned up and looking spiffy at the same time. It will really be a noteworthy event. Hopefully I won’t be to dumbstruck by my clean, good-looking family to snap a photo.

Turns out I was too dumbstruck by my beautiful family to snap a photo before we left. But when we came home I took one of me and the boys and me and the girls. Dh got paged while we were at the wedding so we had to leave early and he went straight into the house to work, so he was not there for the picture taking festivities.
So here is a photo of me and my outfit. It is not the nicest photo of me, it was hot and humid outside, but you can see the outfit. It took so long to find, I had to post it!
I'll post the ones of me and the girls tomorrow.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

You looked very pretty.