Monday, April 23, 2007

Go Buy THIS book!

So, I thought it was time to update you on the Spring Reading Thing. I am including a link to the original post here. I have updated it with reviews for some of the books.

However, THIS book needed its own post. I LOVED this book. Really, I love all the books by Kristen Billerbeck. Her books are so far away from my real world, that it is as close as I can come to taking a vacation from my personality, without someone wanting to send my to a shrink. I get to be someone entirely different when I read one of her books. Chick Lit can appear shallow on the outside, but Kristen Billerbeck's books are really are deep, okay, maybe deep is taking it too far, but they have meat, not just fluff. You get to really know & empathize with the characters.

The best thing about this book (and all her books for that matter) is that they are real, (people have issues in her books) and it is clean, but not sappy-unrealistic-clean, but best of all, this book is FUNNY. My kids kept coming into my room to see what was so funny, only to find me reading. I kept laughing out loud! People in the checkout line behind me at Wal-Mart must have thought I had a screw loose! (Yes I read in the line at Wal-Mart, it makes the line move faster, I’m convinced)

So, really, GO BUY THIS BOOK,seriously, I’m not getting any royalties for this advertisement, and I don’t even know Kristen Billerbeck IRL (proven by my referring to her by her full name). So you can trust me on this.

Need a good, clean laugh? Want to read a book and go ahhhhhhhhhh, at the end of it, instead of feeling like you need to go excise your mind of all the bad language (cursing and grammar included)? Then, really, GO BUY THIS BOOK!

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I will definitely look for it. Thanks!