Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Two Thousand Dollar Day. Minimum.

Today D went to the dentist and got his 3rd and 4th temporary crown put in, and paid for all 4 crowns.

B backed up the van at co op and backed right into a brand-spanking new Mazda, complete with dealer tags still attached.

That is going to cost.

Needless to say, because I drive a Sherman Tank,there is nary a scratch on it. I shudder to think what is going to happen to our insurance premiums when we call and confess that a mere 2 weeks after getting his drivers license, he drove right into a parked car.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh bummer! I backed up my parent's mini van into my brother's new truck once. I still went on to be a pretty good driver. In B's defense- that is one big van- not the easiest thing to back up! I am sure you all are very safe in it though!

rjb said...

I did that with my parent's mini-van in the library parking lot the very first time I was allowed to drive somewhere all by myself! Hopefully your premiums won't go up too much.

I turned out to be a fine driver, in spite of my bad start. :-)