Sunday, June 22, 2008

Accolades Please

Today the family and I went to a local outdoor mall to try to kill ourselves through heatstroke some time on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The boys dropped us girls off at the Half Price Books for Eve to look for the #47 Babysitters Club Book. She is quite beside herself because the library does not have #47. She simply CAN NOT move on to #48 without reading #47. It is simply not done. ( It seems I have passed on my literary chronology crazy to her)

I was very excited to find a good dictionary and Grammar for Dummies. No. I’m not kidding. We homeschoolers are a weird lot. Ann could not find anything.

We stopped in a little girl’s boutique on our walk down to the sporting goods store the men were salivating shopping in.

Please, little girls clothing manufacturers, could we make the shirts a tad looser and the skirts and shorts a stitch longer? Thanks eversomuch.

After we walked all around the girls clothing boutique and Ann commented on ALL THE PRETTY SUNGLASSES! AND LOOK AT THE SPARKLEY SHOES! AND LOOK MOM, PURCES! we finally managed our way to the sporting goods store.

We found the men in the camping section sitting under a canopy in some high quality camping chirs. (My kind of camping!) Sir D pulled out some sunglasses to get my approval on.

“What do you think, nice huh?” Says Sir D

“Um…No.” Say I.

What would he do without me?

But here’s the thing, the reason for this post. Prepare to be amazed.

My almost 17 year old shaggy haired teenage boy wore his hair in a ponytail. Yes. A pony. Tail. In his hair. Like a girl.

And I said nothing.

You may clap now.



Halfmoon Girl said...

oh boy! The pony tail part cracked me up- good for you mom!!! I don't think there is a verse in the Bible that forbids pony tails or long hair on guys, but people can sure react to it. It is a pretty commonplace thing in my area though. When my bro grew out his hair in his early 20's, all the old ladies at church thought he must have been on drugs!

Michaela said...

There is a website for girls' clothing called They have decent prices on cute modest things. My daughter is still an infant, but this was a topic of conversation recently, so I started looking online. There is also a "directory" called It will take some searching, but that is where I found I have enjoyed reading your blog. As a mother of three little ones who also loves the Lord, your narration of life is entertaining, uplifting and educational. Thank you.