Thursday, June 12, 2008

She's Big and Bad and Beautiful!

We picked up The Rig The Unicorn The Mother Ship 2 The Titanic the still nameless new car yesterday. I do believe to call it enormous would be an understatement. Somehow this Excursion is bigger than my 12 passenger van. It only seats 8, and yet still seems to take up a city block.

It’s also a tad LOUD. Perhaps Freight Train might be a good name for her. Chuga-chuga, Chuga-chuga, is the sound she makes, LOUDLY.

Yet still I think I love her. I did not like being the little guy in the tan Toyota. I felt small and vulnerable; inconsequential even. But no more. Now I am big and bad and loud. People get out of my way just because I am bigger; I command authority.

I am no longer a day care bus, I am raw power…

Good grief! I think that testosterone laden vehicle is turning me into a man!

Isin't she pretty?


Halfmoon Girl said...

Hello Raw Power Woman! Oh, I am jealous! I am a raw power woman at heart, not a mini van mama. Have fun- she's very pretty.

Tonya said...

I am a bit jealous too. We are driving our faithful Toyota Sienna. With baby #5 on the way, it will be extremely tight in there. There is a very good possibility the upgrade will be a 12 passenger van, which, while practical, makes me want to cry. :-) The Excursion looks so much more "normal"!