Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Of Limited Intelligence

Last night as I was boiling water for the broccoli I noticed something. Something not good. Something potentially expensive.

A crack in the glass stove top. Lovely, one more thing that needs to be fixed around here.

When Sir D got home I showed it to him. You can’t see it very well when the burner is not on but once that burner is glowing red, hello large crack.

Sir D said we better not use that burner until we solve this problem. (Buy a new stove? Can it be repaired? Sigh, I don’t want to know.)

I told Sir D I’d better put something on the burner so I don’t forget and use it, maybe a sticky note, or a plate on it or something.

Sir D looks at me and then reaches up and pops off the knob to the burner.

Yeah, or we could do that.

I think the brain cell loss during each pregnancy and subsequent year of nursing was more significant than I thought.



Happy Mommy said...

That's a smart one you have there, that Sir D!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I laughed at this one! Sounds like me and my hubby. Sometimes he cannot help smirking and shaking his head at how I tend to make solutions more complicated than they have to be. I just look at him and say" I know I'm strange. You better not leave me at home alone with the kids anymore!" Apparently, he still thinks I have enough brain cells left to handle that task. Some days I don't!