Monday, June 16, 2008

Sew Me a Sit-Upon

My girls are at sewing class today. They’re going to be taking this class every morning this week. And yes Tonya, it’s your mom teaching it.

You know, in my day we took little summer camp/classes, but they were not very useful. I do recall some sort of campfire girl/girl scout day camp where I learned how to make a plastic sit-upon. I used it that week to sit upon during our “lessons”. I have never used my sit-upon making skills as an adult.

I also recall learning to make some sort of ceramic ashtray during one of those weeks. In fact, I recall doing that in school as well. Teachers and day camp Directors of the late 70’s and early 80’s, do you really think it was wise to encourage our parents to smoke around us children? “Here Mom and Dad, I am equipping you with the tools to give me lung cancer at an early age.” Brilliant, really.

Then there is the noodle jewelry making that was ever so prevalent in my day. I made all manner of jewelry with dry macaroni. I think I even made a jewelry holding device out of dry noodles.

None of those things have been skills I have needed as a wife and mother. My children prefer if I cook the noodles as opposed to create jewelry with it.

When I heard about classes to teach my girls how to sew I jumped on it. I think the ability to sew will be much more useful to them then say the ability to make a clay ashtray.


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Tonya said...

Mom told me she was teaching that class this week. She didn't tell me your girls would be in it. That is great! I hope they enjoyed it. I threatened my Mom with sending my girls out next summer for a week of sewing/Grandma camp. Oh, and I'd add a couple boys for Grandpa camp. :-) She, of course, was thrilled at the thought. Crazy lady!