Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The Teenager went to an open practice last night with a select team. He’s never played on an official soccer team, because he is the oldest and we had all these babies at home and the thought of sitting out in the Texas heat pregnant and with all these babies was more than I could take, so we did not do organized sports. (I know, we lost a lot of Good Parent Points for that one)

Not that the kid has not had many, many opportunities to play his beloved soccer. We live next to a missionary base and men and kids show up every Sat morning to play soccer. He also does PE at our co op and he seems to be able to talk the coach into playing soccer often. He’s had plenty of soccer.

He reads about it, he saves ALL the games on the DVR, he buys the soccer clothes, he has more soccer shoes than I think should be allowed. In Short, he is obsessed.

He has a friend who is on the select team, (hear, team you must try out to be on and be good enough to make it) his friend, we’ll call N, asked Will and his friend J to go to open practice with his team. They did. The coach told Will that he would save him a spot on the team if he wants it.

WOW! Apparently my kid has some mad skilz (see teen slang! I’m learning!)

He and J are going to their other friend N’s (Oh the initials got confusing again, two friends who’s name starts with N!) open practice on Thursday night. It is a different team. This is the team he really wants to be on. We’ll see what this coach thinks of him.

I did find out one thing last night. It is not cheap to be on a select team. In fact, I think my first car was less expensive than being on a select soccer team for one year. What to do?

He’ll also be taking college classes for the first time starting in the fall. Oh, boy. I have a feeling this could be a HUGE distraction.

On the other hand…he’ll be busy. Really busy. Probably too busy for girls and dating.

Where do we sign up?


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Tonya said...

I'm a firm believer in keeping young men (and women) very very busy so that they don't have time for dating. :-) Sports are a great way to do that! So are chores and school work. :-)