Monday, June 30, 2008

Which one could it be?

Sir D and I were board tonight. We had nothing to do and money to burn so we went to the giant orange store and bought a range. This range.

Or, we were unsuccessful in our attempts to limp our cracked glass-top range along until next month. Turns out, cutting the pizza on it was not a very good idea and broke the little ol’ crack wide open. Once that happened there was no more limping it along so we went out and bought a new range. This range.

I’ll let you decide which one is accurate.

I wonder how well it will cook beans and rice.


Sheri said...

I vote for the second one. Since I started cooking beans in the crockpot though there is NO going back! It's so much easier!

enjoy the new range

Happy Mommy said...

Sorry you couldn't fix the crack! We had rice and beans for dinner last night, with the price of gas I have a feeling we will be eating rice and beans more often than I like.