Friday, June 6, 2008

Stop Supersizing the Wildlife!

Spring inspires poets to write lines of love and beauty. It inspires many to ponder the splendor of creation; blooming flowers, and longer, sunnier days.

Here in Texas it inspires others to fear what might lurk in the out of doors, or occasionally the indoors.

You will recall our friend Ralph’s appearance a few weeks ago?

He has a playmate now. Harry.

This happened last year too. I guess I should be pleased Hairy was not found in my laundry. But still.

Why oh why do I live in this place where it’s not just the value meal that is supersized; the creatures are too.


Molly said...

I did find one of these next to my laundry soap once. But I think yours is bigger! Dh usually keeps them as pets until we accidentally succeed in killing them.

the reynolds said...

I'll take my ice, snow and occaisional blizzard thank you!!

Happy Mommy said...

I think its just to funny we are both running into such unwelcome guests! And yes what a good blogger you are grab that camera and blog it!