Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Think We've Found Our Unicorn!

I haven’t posted much about our vehicle search. It has been a roller costar of a process. We’ve been without the Mother Ship for a couple of weeks now and we’ve been looking all over for a very specific type of vehicle; the unicorn of the car world, if you will.

Sir D wants a Ford E350 Van or an Excursion with the diesel 7.3 liter engine. Apparently only the E350 or the Excursion has this magic engine. There is another type of diesel engine a 6.something or other, but that is not what we want. I have no idea why, Sir D tries to explain but after a few minutes of ‘7.3...better…6.something or other not as reliable…transmission trouble…’ all I hear is ‘blah, blaty-blaty blah’. Kinda like when I talk to him about sewing or crocheting.

We have been unable to locate an E350 within a 150 mile radius that is for sale and I refuse to go to Illinois to get a van. So we’ve been looking at Excursions mostly. Twice now, I have almost posted and said ‘We found it! We found our vehicle! We’re going to get it tomorrow! Yippee! And Yahoo!’ but sadly I would have been wrong.

Neither were the Unicorn, as they had the 6.something or other engine, but we thought we ought to get it anyway. It is a good deal, it looks good, I am tired of driving a tiny tan Toyota, etc. We simply could not find the right engine. We were starting to think the Unicorn did not exist; perhaps we had chosen the wrong metaphor. Perhaps we should have called it the Loch Ness we were looking for since it is possible old Nessie might actually exist.

Both times we thought we found it, but when we got home and Sir D ran the Oasis Report and a Carfax, we found that the vehicles were not what they appeared to be. One of them had even had the engine taken out for some sort of repair and put back in! No thank you!

I was beginning to think we may never find our next vehicle. I might have to start walking.

But now, I think, we may have actually found THE ONE. All reports and research have come up clean, monies have been gathered, verbal agreements and arrangements have been made. Tomorrow paperwork is to be signed and I am to go and pick up the vehicle in the afternoon.

I can’t wait!

And this time it really is the right one. It is a very low miles, tan, 03 Ford Excursion with a 7.3 liter diesel engine.

I think we’ve found our Unicorn.

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